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Security Boss Pet Doors in Portland, OR

Your pet is a big part of your life, and you want Fido, Shep, Rover, or Muffin, to have the most comfortable home possible. You can do that by making sure they have access to the outdoors when they need it. It’s less stressful for the pet, and you as well, when your cat or dog can come and go freely and doesn’t have to rely on you to let them out or in. At Pet Doors and More, we know the value of this and provide the best equipment possible to help you meet those needs.

We specialize in Security Boss pet doors in Portland, OR. Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC, is the leading manufacturer of high-performance pet doors. The MaxSeal line is available in several models, for our pet doors for French doors and sliding glass doors. We also provide pet door installation service. Maintainable forever, these doors feature a limited lifetime warranty and are designed for optimum performance. No other pet door offers the same level of insulating seal and security. Contact us today to find the perfect pet door solution for your pet.

Our team of professional installers makes sure the model you choose is placed and fitted properly for ease of access by your pet. We can put the door within your household door, or we can install it in your wall instead, regardless of the type of wall construction material.

Providing the Size You Need

The beauty of pets is that there is a tremendous range of sizes and shapes. You can pick the tiniest dog that you can fit comfortably in a carrying pouch or share your time with a mountainous furry friend that dwarfs other pets. But no matter which pet is a member of your family, it’s important to get the right size pet access door, so we encourage you to follow our sizing instructions.

Pet door warranty for our Security Boss pet doors in Portland, OR.
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Important Sizing Notes: The selector above is a good guide for wall and door-mounted models. When installing, you will want to mount the pet door so that the top of the opening will clear the shoulders of the tallest pet by 1.5 to 2". When selecting an In-the-Glass model, you will select a taller model as the pet door will rest on the bottom frame of your sliding glass door, and you will still want to maintain the 1.5 to 2" shoulder clearance.